We cannot begin to share the amount of gratitude we have for Rise Radio (@riseradionyc) in Brooklyn, NY. This is SolWave’s home base for healing comfort Ital food, music, collaboration, and overall gathering. The space has hosted us time and time again for pop-up vendor markets, non-profit events, family celebrations and our monthly Plant Based Kamayan Dinner event by Chef Oli (@universolfoods) and Rise Radio Chef Rik (@italdontstop).

(The next Kamayan is on Sunday, March 13, 2022 – reach out to Chef Oli at @universolfoods on Instagram to reserve!)

Rise supports and hosts local DJ’s live-streaming from the space every day, along with one of our favorite events, Pepperseed (@peppaseednyc); a longstanding reggae themed party with current resident DJ’s Getlive! (@djgetlive), Nikki Antics (@nikkiantics), Rebel Army (@rebelarmy91) and Rise Radio owner, Alfred.Ini (@alfred.ini) with special guest DJ’s weekly. 

Pepperseed started in Brooklyn, NY in 2016 by DJ’s Nu and Getlive! together with A Lil Louder and Caona Shack, kicking off the very first party at Lover’s Rock and then moved to Kinfolk. Alfred.Ini joined the line-up shortly after along with other local DJ’s down with the movement and together, the team continued raising the vibrations spinning ‘90’s and early 2000’s dancehall, with each DJ contributing their own unique sound and vibration to the event. If you go to a Pepperseed event at present day, you will get the best of both dancehall riddims mixed with eclectic pan tropical vibes and possibly a live performance, all with the intention still rooted at bringing the masses together for the culture, through music. As Getlive! put it, “To provide a space for people of different cultures to come together with music and dance.” 

We’re grateful Pepperseed is now a weekly event on Thursdays and still in Brooklyn, even including a weekly plant based food special by Chef Rik! The squad mobbed out for this week’s event and had too much fun, staying until Nikki Antics ended the last set at 2am. We appreciate being in the portal with these innovative sound healing DJ’s. We have much respect for you all for holding us down as we navigate through these unexpected times. 

There is so much more we want to share on these DJ’s and Rise Radio and the love and appreciation we have for them and the music they bring to us, but for now, we look forward to sharing space with you, and if you are ever free on Thursdays nights, know that we’ll be at Pepperseed at Rise Radio on the Avenue of Puerto Rico / Graham Avenue, with the masses, coming together with music and dance (and empanadas!) 

This week’s Pepperseed DJ line-up included: GetLive!, Nikki Antics, Rebel Army with guests Last Nerd (@lastnerdnyc) and DJ AQ (@aqbeglobal).