Community Healing 2.22.22 - Yoga, Hapé and Sound

On one of the most energetically charged days in our lifetime, 2.22.22, we came together at the SolWave Temple in Brooklyn, NY on our mats and in circle to heal and plant seeds for manifestation. The number 222 symbolizes Faith, Harmony, Trust, Commitment and Balance. It was only right that we utilized the energy of this day to come into alignment with ourselves and elevate our manifestations with sacred practices that have contributed to our growth both individually and as a collective.

Don (@ganga_dharmaharaj) led our Hatha Yoga class which included ancient Pranayama (Breathwork) practices to help calm the mind and body. Following Yoga, Michelle Sanchez, a local plant medicine practitioner and energy healer, facilitated a Hapé ceremony with an accompanying vibrational Sound Healing session. Hapé is an ancient ritual practiced in the Amazon by indigenous tribes using a grounded blend of tobacco, seeds and leaves with intention to clear physical, psychological and emotional blocks. Michelle chose a specific blend for us as it embodied a loving divine feminine energy, made by women in Brasil. Hapé is also often used during Ayahuasca and Kambo ceremonies to assist in clearing and calming the body and nervous system. To learn more about this sacred medicine please reach out to Michelle via instagram (@pacha.chuski). 

Sitting in circle with our community was a true blessing and divinely timed as there were exactly 11 of us and in numerology and spirituality, the master number 11 connects us to the wisdom, insight and balance. 

We look forward to hosting more community events as we continue to heal and manifest, knowing that the life we want and the support we need to get there is within our reach, always.