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Healing Through Sound

A private dance therapy session at @5301.18a with the intention to create a very intimate experience for 30 ppl. We’ve invited our friends and family to come experiment our creative ideas , express themselves through movement , be in a safe space without alcohol , connect with us & to explore their inner dimension. Very Similar to Yoga & Tea this was created with the intention to gather our loved ones , friends & family in a way where we can curate a space for healing during the evening. A healing space where we can socialize , build on ideas , relax/rejuvenate, dance & explore our knowledge of self. It was beautiful to witness everyone genuinely enjoying themselves whether they be...



As we work on our tie dyed edition of the Rise Radio (@riseradyonyc) and SolWave 1212 Collaboration Hoodies, our humble and innovative Faith Lee (@gottahavefaith) began her hand tie dye process on them this past week and we can’t wait to share all of the dyed pieces both her and Atom Batalla (@atomnyc) are creating for the upcoming drop (date to be announced soon!). While in the studio, her intuition guided her to repurpose one of her Drip by Faith (DBF) satin scarves–printed with her original artwork–and sew it onto the inside of the hood, on a freshly dyed hoodie, making a colorful lining and culmination of her skill and talent in one piece!  Faith first learned how to sew...



We cannot begin to share the amount of gratitude we have for Rise Radio (@riseradionyc) in Brooklyn, NY. This is SolWave’s home base for healing comfort Ital food, music, collaboration, and overall gathering. The space has hosted us time and time again for pop-up vendor markets, non-profit events, family celebrations and our monthly Plant Based Kamayan Dinner event by Chef Oli (@universolfoods) and Rise Radio Chef Rik (@italdontstop). (The next Kamayan is on Sunday, March 13, 2022 – reach out to Chef Oli at @universolfoods on Instagram to reserve!) Rise supports and hosts local DJ’s live-streaming from the space every day, along with one of our favorite events, Pepperseed (@peppaseednyc); a longstanding reggae themed party with current resident DJ’s Getlive!...


Community Healing 2.22.22 - Yoga, Hapé and Sound

On one of the most energetically charged days in our lifetime, 2.22.22, we came together at the SolWave Temple in Brooklyn, NY on our mats and in circle to heal and plant seeds for manifestation. The number 222 symbolizes Faith, Harmony, Trust, Commitment and Balance. It was only right that we utilized the energy of this day to come into alignment with ourselves and elevate our manifestations with sacred practices that have contributed to our growth both individually and as a collective. Don (@ganga_dharmaharaj) led our Hatha Yoga class which included ancient Pranayama (Breathwork) practices to help calm the mind and body. Following Yoga, Michelle Sanchez, a local plant medicine practitioner and energy healer, facilitated a Hapé ceremony with an...


SNS x ATOM DIY Collection

Built on the idea of a repurposing the already used, SNS has joined forces with NY-based brand ATOM to breathe new and exciting life in classic SNS pieces. Run by SNS affiliate Adam Batalla, ATOM found its place in a sustainable space where clothing circulates through many different life spans. The full-circle collaboration mixes heavyweight workwear pieces and classic tees with the tie-dye approach of Adam, turning them into one-of-a-kind products. The limited-edition co-op shakes hands at the intersection of art and lifestyle where a wide range of individual light and dark-dyed pieces are crafted with eye-catching mastery, blending classic graphic elements with the surprise effect and visual variety of tie-dye craft. Adam explains his working process: ”First step I...