As we work on our tie dyed edition of the Rise Radio (@riseradyonyc) and SolWave 1212 Collaboration Hoodies, our humble and innovative Faith Lee (@gottahavefaith) began her hand tie dye process on them this past week and we can’t wait to share all of the dyed pieces both her and Atom Batalla (@atomnyc) are creating for the upcoming drop (date to be announced soon!). While in the studio, her intuition guided her to repurpose one of her Drip by Faith (DBF) satin scarves–printed with her original artwork–and sew it onto the inside of the hood, on a freshly dyed hoodie, making a colorful lining and culmination of her skill and talent in one piece! 

Faith first learned how to sew in Home Economics class at Longwood High School in Middle Island, NY. It was on her most recent trip to Houston in January where she learned more detailed processes on cutting and folding through family friend, photographer and creative, Yan Valdez (@yanvaldez), owner of Demiati Studios (@demiatistudios) – who now also holds sewing classes sharing her skill and knowledge to locals in H-town. 

Together with inspiration from Yan and a little research on YouTube, Faith was able to teach herself how to get this process down with her sewing machine, and we are so thankful she did! 

More information to come soon on these tie dye hoodies, so stay tuned to our instagram and our news feed. We look forward to sharing more results from the studio from our innovative creatives in addition to finding more ways to repurpose, reuse and restore. 

DRIP BY FAITH is a cohesive creative brand by native New York artist, Faith Lee. 

Faith embodies the power of her name and pours her spirit into different mediums of art. By pouring her soul and spirit onto a canvas or any other art forms that she experiments with, her goal is to always channel and share her Grandfather's artistic spirit and talent with others so that they too can Drip by Faith.