SNS x ATOM DIY Collection

Built on the idea of a repurposing the already used, SNS has joined forces with NY-based brand ATOM to breathe new and exciting life in classic SNS pieces. Run by SNS affiliate Adam Batalla, ATOM found its place in a sustainable space where clothing circulates through many different life spans. The full-circle collaboration mixes heavyweight workwear pieces and classic tees with the tie-dye approach of Adam, turning them into one-of-a-kind products. The limited-edition co-op shakes hands at the intersection of art and lifestyle where a wide range of individual light and dark-dyed pieces are crafted with eye-catching mastery, blending classic graphic elements with the surprise effect and visual variety of tie-dye craft.

Adam explains his working process:

First step I start with filling up a big bin with water and bleach and let the clothing sit as the bleach washes the color away. After the color is stripped away I wash the the clothing because the smell of bleach is really strong. In another bin I have water and this powder called soda ash which helps take in the color of the dye. After the pieces sit in water and soda ash for about 20 minutes I wring it out and place it in a bin with water and the preferred dye I am using. After that sits in there for awhile I wring out the color and let the clothing sit in a bag so the dye can do it’s magic. After sitting in the bag I finally take them out and wash them so the soda ash can be fully out of the garment. Once dry how I start the process with bleach I also end it with bleach, creating different pattern with it.